The Wild Hunt Of Odin Pocket Square

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Painted by: Peter Nicolai Arbo in 1879

  • 100% silk
  • Hand rolled
  • Printed in Macclesfield, UK.
  • 42 cm x 42 cm 

Made in Macclesfield, UK.

Our pocket squares are printed at our factory in Macclesfield, which we consider the best in the world. The town of Macclesfield has been known for its silk and printing for decades, with the first silk mills dating back as far as 1743. Just two miles outside the town is the village of Langley, where the mill is located. The site is close to a water supply, the River Bollin, and thanks to this extraordinary position, our factory has been able to draw water from its own reservoir and produce printed matter here for over 50 years. The love of traditional craftsmanship is reflected in the details of our tightly hand-rolled edges, this also makes each handkerchief unique and given a unique finish.

Read more about our factory in Macclesfield here

The motif

The participants in the wild hunt for Odin were ghosts and the restless souls of the dead. According to Norwegian folklore, they were led by Sigurd Fåvnesbane (Sigurd Dragedreper), with the troll witch Gyro Ryssetova (Gudrun Hestehale) as rear guard. The long midwinter webs were filled with supernatural creatures and dangers.

Peter Nicolai Arbo based his monumental painting The Wild Hunt of Odin on Norse mythology, archaeological excavations, and the national romantic poetry of the time. A major inspiration was Johan Sebastian Welhaven's eponymous poem, the opening line of which is "Through the night air a train of foaming black horses stampedes" (from Nyere Digte [New Poems], 1844).

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Hand-rolled pocket squares.

The love of traditional craftsmanship is something that reflects the details of our tightly hand-rolled edges, this also makes each handkerchief unique and has a unique finish.

With passion and skill, our craftsmen give each pocket square its unique finish and unique feel. To get the finest rolled stitches, the edge of the silk must be gently turned with a hand-held needle and then small stitches are inserted with great precision.

All our silk pockets are complete with a flawless hand-rolled edge, offering the most elegant finish and creating a truly unique product.


Printed in Macclesfield

The factory processes are carried out internally from start to finish. Using local water sources from the Peak District, the factory practices ancient methods of dyeing, printing and finishing fabrics.

The production team closely controls the digital printing process in-house, from pre-processing and printing to finishing. Each design is perfected by a team of in-house designers to ensure seamless reproduction before proceeding to print.

Screen printing on silk is a slow and painstaking process that involves hand printing colors, layer by layer, screen by screen. It is one that requires great precision to produce the most elegant, vibrant results.

By using our own in-house produced colors and dyes, designs are then printed by hand on each length of fabric. Once printed, the colors are then cured through steaming and the fabric is then finished to soften the fibers to achieve the best product.


Creative and historical prints

Our products combine the finest materials and creative design to create something unique. Often on our pocket squares you will find historical motifs and paintings that make each pocket square unique. With these paintings as motifs, you will be able to have endless possibilities when it comes to folding the square in your pocket. We believe in quality, craftsmanship, openness and creating unique products that everyone can enjoy. We don't follow any trends, our aim is to create menswear without being mainstream and something suitable for every occasion.

Customer Reviews

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Benjamin V
Silky smooth pocket square

Just got my new wild hunt of Odin silk pocket square. Easy to buy online, fast shipping and the materials of the pocket square is just amazing! Firm handshakes to Bugliasco.